Clarendon Yards Garden


Clarendon Yards is a 3 – 5 year meanwhile use project transforming 4 large warehouse buildings located in the heart of Wood Green’s existing creative quarter into a hub for creative enterprise and the local community. 

Clarendon Yards already features a vibrant street food market and outdoor bar, with 40,000 square foot of creative workspace being progressively made available for affordable rental and a performance space in development.

Complementing the site’s other uses, our vision is to create a lush garden and community growing hub in the large yard space, taking inspiration from urban gardens like Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, Nomadic Community Gardens, The Skip Garden, and the sadly lost Grow Elephant happily reborn as Grow Tottenham.

Design-wise this is an opportunity to push the envelope in terms of creative use of materials - we’re looking to use low cost materials in innovative ways to maximise the bang for buck factor we deliver. 

In terms of planting we’re looking to propagate and grow a mixture of food plants and trees and ornamentals to create a garden that’s both beautiful and productive.

We’ll engage the local community in creating and maintaining the gardens through our volunteering programme in partnership with Haringey Time Credits.