Westbury Banks Nature Reserve

The Reserve

The Westbury Banks Nature Reserve is a wild wilderness of nature. Located on Westbury Avenue N22, a short walk from Turnpike Lane tube station

Community Workshops

On Sunday 2nd June, The Core Team will be hosting a #BigLunch and you are all invited to cook a dish, share it and sit back, relax with your neighbours and make new friends in the comfort of the reserve 🌱 The event starts at 10am and  lunch will start at noon. (Please note that there are no facilities to cook at the reserve). Please bring covered dishes with you. Thank you!

Get Involved

Join the Friends of Westbury Banks Nature Reserve committee or volunteer in a wide range of tasks! The Westbury Banks Nature Reserve is a Noel Park Big Local initiative established in March 2017.

Follow Us!

The Westbury Banks Nature Reserve has a life of its own on social media, we have a twitter account for the latest live updates and instagram for virtual tours! Follow us and we will follow you back! 

Project Update

We have received funding from the GroundWork; Our Space Award and the core team have created a new wildlife pond, installed motion capture technology to capture wildlife and catch fly tippers alongside much more!


Please note that the reserve has been cleared of debris but a lot remain buried. It is important to wear suitable clothing, boots and gloves. The reserve is fully insured. Tools are available to use whilst on site. Under 18's must be accompanied by a supervising adult.