Westbury Banks Nature Reserve

The Reserve

The Westbury Banks Nature Reserve is a wild wilderness of nature. Located on Westbury Avenue N22, a short walk from Turnpike Lane tube station

Community Workshops

Our next community workshop takes place on Sunday 24th February 2019 between 10am until 14:00

Get Involved

Join the Friends of Westbury Banks Nature Reserve committee or volunteer in a wide range of tasks! The Westbury Banks Nature Reserve is a Noel Park Big Local initiative established in April 2017.

Follow Us!

The Westbury Banks Nature Reserve has a life of its own on social media, we have a twitter account for the latest live updates and instagram for virtual tours! Follow us and we will follow you back! 

Project Update

We have received funding from the GroundWork; Our Space Award and the core team have created a new wildlife pond, installed motion capture technology to capture wildlife and catch fly tippers alongside much more!


Please note that the reserve has been cleared of debris but a lot remain buried. It is important to wear suitable clothing, boots and gloves. The reserve is fully insured. Tools are available to use whilst on site. Under 18's must be accompanied by a supervising adult.


The Westbury; the story so far...

The land were the Westbury Banks Nature Reserve is located was the remnants of the Noel Park railway and derelict for a number of years, it was a renown flytipping hotspot in the Noel Park Neighbourhood. 

March 2017, Dick Tomlinson; a former officer from Haringey Council met with Luke, who is a long term resident of Noel Park and they set up the 'Friends of Westbury Banks Nature Reserve' group in March 2017 and began planning the Reserves future. 

The land is owned by Haringey Councils Highways Agency and it was apparent that the project would need a lot of patience, help and some funding. The committee looked at a number of options and decided that the Noel Park Big Local would be a great starting point. The Noel Park Big Local Partnership provided funding for Public Liability insurance, tools and a storage unit that doubles up as a wildlife observation post! 

Permission was sought from the Highways Agency in April 2017 to begin workshops and the work began with a core team of committed residents of Noel Park, they started cleansing the land of rubbish, needles and trade waste that had been building up for decades. The team started working with Clean Up UK and they were instrumental in motivating the volunteers and loaning litter pickers to tackle the waste.

Over three tonnes of waste has been removed with help from Veolia and Haringey Council. The waste removal took some time to complete because when certain tasks took place, the team would find buried carpet, a cars suspension to name a but a few odd things that have been found at the reserve.

IMBY.Bio have helped the team immensely by identifying every single plant species growing at the reserve and Garden Labelling designed and the fantastic plant ID labels

In August 2018, the committee of the Friends of Westbury Banks Nature Reserve joined the GrowN22 board and the reserve is run independently by the core team. The core team is made up of Roisin O'Neil, Jason Curtis, Dick Tomlinson with Hugh Chapman and Luke Newcombe providing guidance on certain tasks. 

September 2018; the reserve was awarded Level 2 in Improving by the RHS Britain in Bloom judges. 

November 2018, The Friends Group was awarded a grant by Groundwork London 'Our Space Award' and the team set about creating a new Wildlife pond, new signage, a water collection system and lots more! 

The core team is extremely grateful for the support from the London National Park City initiative, Noel Park Big Local, The Eden Project Communities, IMBY.Bio, Clean Up UK, Haringey Council, Veolia and the countless people that have helped make the reserve Haringey's award winning Nature Reserve.